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Our company provides exploration drilling service. Envirotech Drilling specializes exclusively in reverse circulation (RC) and monitor wells. We have been providing RC drilling service since 1988 and have a solid safety record. Envirotech Drilling enjoys a reputation of safe production and the ability to drill to desired target depths. We are flexible with respect to schedules and can usually work the schedule that the customer prefers.

We maximize the drills uptime by keeping up with scheduled maintenance, the shop and our facility and our in-house mechanics for service calls in the field.

85+ years Experience

Our knowledgeable crews are dependable with ongoing technical training daily.



We can build roads, set up pad sites, supply water with 2 or 4,000 gallon water trucks, drill the deposits to required depth, then close with reclamation and reseeding.

Why We are
The Best For the Job

Envirotech Drilling LLC is a Nevada based company with experience drilling in California, Idaho, Arizona, Nebraska, and extensively in Nevada. It is owned and managed by Steve Neilsen, Shawn Mikelson and Brian Mikelson. It is a time-tested company that has experienced strong growth while keeping in mind our customers are our biggest asset. Our main objective is to get our clients the best sample possible while achieving the lowest cost per foot in today’s competitive marketplace.

Our company services mainly exploration drilling. We use Atlas Copco, Foremost and Schramm drills, all with angle masts and depth capabilities up to 4500 feet. We specialize exclusively in reverse circulation (RC) and monitor wells.

• UP TO 4500 FT


What We Do

Envirotech Drilling is committed to making your exploration drilling experience as problem free as is possible in a complex business. We believe that we offer real value to customers, both large and small.

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Year after year Envirotech has delivered consistent, safe, and cost effective production.  Their drillers have extensive experience with Nevada’s difficult drilling conditions and know when the limits can be pushed, or when it’s time to call it a day.  I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Andrew Smith


Envirotech Drilling have always been professional and very safe when it comes to drilling. They have been at our Nevada Mine for over 4 years and everytime I visit the drill site the safety protocol is in place and they are on top of everything.


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900 E 4th St, Winnemucca, NV 89445